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1. Which diseases are covered or not? Check list of “INCLUSIONS” and “EXCLUSIONS

2. What is excluded from the cover
  • In first year
  • Till Second year
  • And for the Entire term
3. Which diseases are covered from what time:
  • From day one
  • After one month
  • After First year
  • After Two years and similarly for successive years
4. What is the minimum entering age for opting for a cover

5. Till what age is Renewal allowed

6. For a Pre-existing disease, what other associated diseases are also not covered?

7. From when is the claim on a Pre-existing disease allowed?

8. Is the Claim limited to
  • Entire Hospital Expenditure
  • Fixed Amount Disease wise
  • Fixed Amount Irrespective of Expenditure
  • Whether Pre/Post-Hospitalization expenditure are covered or not?
  • Period of Pre/Post Hospitalization considered for reimbursement of expenditure
9. In case of entire hospital expenditure, whether “Sub-Limits” of different services are sufficient?

10. Which hospitals are empanelled? Which of these are near your residence?

11. Which of the listed hospital meets your medical requirements?

12. What Additional / Optional benefits are provided? If so, what are their costs?

13. What is the procedure for” Reimbursement of the Claim”?

14. Compare Features and Prices of at least three Insurance companies providing similar services before choosing one

15. If no claim is made during the policy period/year, what additional benefits (Cumulative Bonus) are given during the ensuing period/year?

16. If opting for Cashless option, try to find out the reputation of TPA.

17. And it is extremely important to check every point conveyed to you is properly entered in your policy document. Specifically, look out for exclusions. Do not go just on verbal statements. Remember that in case of any dispute; only written documents would get your Claim appropriately.

18. Never accept an ID card for cashless facility without an insurance policy.
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