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Immune: having a high degree of resistance to a disease or marked by a protection to a disease
Immune Response: a bodily response to an antigen to induce the formulation of antibodies, which are capable of reacting to the antigen and rendering it harmless
Immunity: state of being immune
Immunization: procedure of creating immunity
Active Immunization: procedure of inducing immunity by administration of an antigen
Vaccination: see Active Immunization
Passive Immunization: procedure of providing immunity by administration of antibodies
Antigen: protein and/or carbohydrate substance capable of inducing an immune response
Antibody: immunoglobulins which are produced in response to specific antigens and are capable of counteracting the effects of that antigen
Immunocompetence: capable of exhibiting a normal immune response
Immunodeficient: Inability of exhibiting a normal immune response
Immunocompromised: see Immunodeficient
Immunogen: An antigen that produces an immune response
Immunoglobulins: are types of proteins, which are products of differentiated B cells and mediate humoral immune response
Immunoreactive: reactive to a particular antigen
Immunosuppression: suppression of normal immune response by any treatment and/or disease
Immunotherapy: procedure of creating immunity used in the treatment of a disease
Vaccine: a suspension of attenuated live or killed micro-organisms or antigenic portions of these agents to be given to a host to induce immunity and prevent disease
Toxoid: a modified bacterium toxin that has been made non-toxic but is capable of stimulating the formation of antibodies
Immune Goblulins: also known as specific immunoglobulins, refer to immunoglobulins used primarily for maintenance of the immunity of persons with immunodeficiency disorders or passive immunization when there is no opportunity for active immunization
Antitoxin: an antibody derived from the serum of animals after stimulation with specific antigens and used to provide immunity.
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